MIT Institutional Research

Doctoral Exit Student Survey

This survey asks graduating doctoral students about their experiences at MIT, financial support and debt, activities while in graduate school, plans after graduation, and their job search.

The MIT Doctoral Student Exit Survey merges questions from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (a survey administered by the NSF and NORC), questions that evaluate their experiences in their program, and outcomes questions (e.g., employment and salary). As a result, doctoral students now answer these questions once, rather than on three separate surveys.

2013-2018 Doctoral Exit SurveyWeb Preview71-83%2013-2018 Combined Report (Tableau)
2012 Doctoral Exit SurveyWeb Preview76%Highlights | Overall Report
2011 Doctoral Exit SurveyPDF77%Highlights | Overall Report
2010 Doctoral Exit SurveyPDF84%Overall Report
2009 Doctoral Exit SurveyPDF54%Overall Report
2005-2006 Graduate Student Exit SurveyPDFTrend Report by Highest Degree: 2005-06 & 2006-07