MIT Institutional Research

2016 Faculty and Staff Quality of Life FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is sponsoring this survey?

A: The 2016 Faculty and Staff Quality of Life Survey has multiple sponsors: the Provost, the Chair of the Faculty, and the Council on Family and Work.

Q: Who is being invited to take this survey?

A: All active faculty and staff on Main Campus and Lincoln Laboratory who have a valid email address and are not on leave.

Q: When did the survey open?

A: Thursday, January 14, 2016.

Q: When will the survey close?

A: It closed in February 2016.

Q: When will results be available?

A: Overall results by staff type will be posted to the IR website approximately two weeks after the survey closes.

Q: What does 'DLC' mean?

A: 'DLC' stands for 'Department, Lab, or Center' and refers to the office in which you work.

Q: Can I look at the questions before I answer?

A: Yes, please follow the appropriate preview link.

Q: Who will see my response?

A: The survey is confidential but not anonymous. While no one will see your name attached to your response, the research team will have access to your response tied to a unique identifier that allows for subgroup analysis. No reports will be produced that identify an individual, and department or group reports will only be produced if there are at least five respondents in that group or department. In no case will individual survey responses be shared with a supervisor, an advisor, or anyone who is not part of the research team. The research team will remove any identifying information included in open text responses before inclusion in a report or other presentation.