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[It is] important to know that the methods behind these rankings determine the results just as much as the quality of the school or department.
— MIT: First in the World, Sixth in the U.S.?

Various organizations publish higher education rankings using a variety of methodologies. Some of these rankings assess MIT as an institution, while others assess specific MIT departments, programs, or disciplines. For more information on ranking methodologies, please see the following article, MIT: First in the World, Sixth in the U.S.?, from the November/December 2012 issue of the MIT Faculty Newsletter.

For each ranking system, different factors have different weights. The percentage weights of a few prominent ranking systems are displayed in the table below.

MeasureTimes Higher Ed.QS-UniversitiesQS-SubjectUS News - UniversitiesUS News - Subjects
Reputation surveys15%50%100%20%100%
Quantitative Faculty measures (e.g., student faculty ratio)15%20%0%20%0%
Industry Income2.5%0%0%0%0%
Student quality (test scores, class rank)0%0%0%10%0%
Graduation & Retention0%0%0%35%0%
Alumni Giving0%0%0%5%0%


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