MIT Institutional Research

Undergraduate Senior Survey

Every two years, MIT administers a Senior Survey during the spring semester. All undergraduate seniors are invited to answer.

Every two years, MIT administers the Senior Survey during the spring semester.

Undergraduate fourth-year students are invited to answer. The survey asks students to describe their plans after college, to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their education, to indicate how their abilities changed since enrolling at MIT, and how they financed their education.

2018 Senior SurveyWeb Preview59%Full Report (Tableau)
2016 Senior Surveylink on report cover page64%Full Report (Tableau)
2014 Senior SurveyWeb Preview70%Survey Highlights | Overall Results
2002-2012 Senior Survey Trends Survey Highlights | Overall Results
2012 Senior SurveyWeb Mockup73%Survey Highlights | Overall Results
2010 Senior SurveyPDF70%Overall Results
2008 Senior SurveyPDF65%Overall Results
Senior Survey Trend: 2002, 2004 & 2006 Overall Results
2006 Senior SurveyPDF61%Overall Results
2004 Senior SurveyPDF61%Overall Results
2002 Senior SurveyPDFOverall Results