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Data points and trends for demographic and financial data are stored here.

Facts and Figures about MIT

Institutional Research maintains a wide variety of data. Much of this data is related to people and money.

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Quick Facts
Common Data Set



Below you can view reports that allow you to explore the MIT community from a variety of perspectives.



Finance and Money

In this section, learn about research expenditures, tuition, and other financial data points.


Awards and Honors

Institutional Research maintains a database of honors and awards.


Quick Facts

In this section you can find information required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act and other general information about MIT. Additionally, you may want to view the MIT Briefing Book, the MIT Facts website, and the Treasure’s Report.




Common Data Set

The Common Data Set is a collection of standardized data points that allow for comparison between MIT and other colleges and universities.




Here you can find chronological listings of major achievements at MIT over the past decades.